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Smart Gambler was founded in 1996 and is a private gambling club. The point of that was to buy different gambling systems, test them and put into the archives.

One of the important aspects is the quality of each gambling system compared with the price of it. In some cases, many gambler mean, that system sellers demand a very high price for their systems. There are really gambling systems, which costs more than US $ 5000.- ! Smart Gambler has never seen such a system, but it would be very nice, if one of this great system is a part of the Smart Gambler CD-ROM series.

In 1998, Smart Gambler start an own website with the idea to sell big gambling system packets for a low price. Many gamblers were dissatisfied about the high prices of gambling systems on other internet sites. So the big packet solution was the breaktrough.

First, Smart Gambler sold gambling systems on disks. After months, a download page was created. All gamblers were able to download gambling systems direct from the homepage. By chance Smart Gambler found the download password in a newsgroup. Smart Gambler have to shut down the download page. Now, Smart Gambler offer gambling systems on CD-ROMs. In the meantime the 2nd CD-ROM was released.

New gambling systems will be created in the next time and Smart Gambler will be up-to-date and put them on the CD-ROMs.